Public education is the backbone of our state.

Public Schools

Indiana public schools fall short of providing our children with the best education and tools to succeed as they grow and learn. Amongst the myriad of the other glaring holes in our society, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted that Indiana public schools need the capability to acquire E-Learning formats in order to learn outside the classroom. 

Luke's Public Education Plan, coming in early August, will include a system that allows children to develop with their own abilities. Instead of forcing our children to conform to standardized testing, which has proved to do nothing to increase learning capabilities, we should give them the tools to learn at their own pace. A few statewide tests per year should not determine a child's education level and development. 

College Affordability

The Student Debt crisis is hindering millions of Americans from making their "American Dream" a reality. Students must take on loads of crippling debt in order to obtain the education required for jobs that pay enough to meet the standard of living. This debt is forcing young adults from being able to take on mortgages, get married, or in some cases afford housing. Luke's goal is to create a way for students to find cost-effective, in-state tuition to keep students in Indiana after graduation and incentivize businesses that higher Hoosier graduates. 

Teacher Pay

Luke believes that our public school teachers are vital to the development of future Hoosiers. Unfortunately, teacher pay is too low to prevent quality educators from leaving the field or moving to another school district. In Indiana, the average starting salary is $35,000 which is well below the $40,000 national average. Teachers also spend an average of $500 per year on their own classroom supplies. 

Luke's Public Education Plan, coming in early August, will increase starting salaries to at least $41,000 per year, reward higher education, and standardize pay regardless of school. This will not only incentivize great teachers to remain in Indiana, but it will also keep educators in our rural communities. 


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