Luke will fight for all hoosiers.


Gerrymandering prevents parts of the state from receiving adequate funding and resources. It denies proper representation to parts of the state that desperately need leaders working for them. It inevitably leads to political polarization which prevents our lawmakers from passing meaningful legislation. 


Luke believes that our districts should be drawn by an independent, nonpartisan commission that doesn’t have direct ties to the district they are drawing. With the results of the 2020 Census coming up, it is imperative that we have fair redistricting. When Luke is elected, he will fight to make sure our districts are drawn in a non-partisan manner.

Grant Availability

Municipalities should be given increased grant availability to be able to better afford equipment that allows them to serve their communities. Items such as non-lethal law enforcement equipment, state of the art emergency equipment like ambulances, and access to training for crisis intervention. 

Racial Justice

The Black Lives Matter movement has uplifted the cries of our black community and shown how devastating systemic racism is nationwide. In our state, cowardly acts of racism have been committed from attempted lynchings to the attempted murder of protestors. When Luke is elected to Indiana's Senate, he will always stand up to racism. He is committed to fighting for equal rights for every Hoosier regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.


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